Letter from the Provost

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Pima Community College delivers high-quality education that contributes to the prosperity of individuals and the entire community

Welcome to the fall 2013 edition of CareerFocus, a Pima Community College publication dedicated to informing the people of Pima County about the tremendous opportunities available at PCC. The focus of our semiannual magazine is, unsurprisingly, how PCC can help members of our community achieve their career goals. We recognize that those objectives are as varied as the wonderfully diverse people of Pima County.

This edition of CareerFocus is rich with news and information for everyone

Some folks come to PCC seeking the knowledge, skills and credentials needed to get a job. Others are currently employed but want to upgrade their abilities to earn a promotion or find a better job. Some see us as an affordable steppingstone to a bachelor’s degree. They intend to transfer after completing lower-level course requirements or receiving an associate degree in order to pursue their studies at our good partner, The University of Arizona, or one of the state’s other universities. Courageous adults seek us out to climb that critical first rung on the ladder to a better life, a high school equivalency diploma.

This edition of CareerFocus is rich with news and information for everyone, regardless of their interests, backgrounds or dreams. Our cover story on careers as a personal trainer or coach describes the fast-growing field of fitness and the employment opportunities opened up by a degree or certificate from PCC. Similarly, our enhanced program in Therapeutic Massage  now gives students the option of accelerating their education and receiving a certificate in only a year.

The value of a liberal arts education, the subject of spirited public discussion in Arizona and across the nation, is put into perspective. The key takeaway from the debate, from my viewpoint as PCC’s chief academic officer: Honing one’s ability to clearly think, write and compute will inevitably pay dividends in the workplace. That also holds true for those thousands of people who come to PCC each year seeking a high school equivalency diploma. Major changes are coming to the process in 2014. However, you can be assured that PCC Adult Education is prepared to serve county residents who choose to restart their academic journey.

In traversing the many pathways to prosperity mapped out in this edition of CareerFocus, PCC students contribute to the collective economic development of the community as well as advance their individual careers. Students who receive degrees and certificates from PCC (more than 3,700 graduated in May, a school record) are the nurses, firefighters, accountants, lawyers, engineers, mechanics, teachers and entrepreneurs who form the backbone of a thriving Tucson.

As is true with any complex organization, the College has its challenges. We are keenly aware of the areas in which we need to improve and are wholly committed to making the changes needed to warrant the public’s complete confidence. But please remember that the faculty and staff of PCC always strive to offer reasonably priced, high-quality education. That worthy endeavor is the focus of our careers.


Jerome Migler, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Services

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