Chancellor’s Letter to the Community

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Pima Marks 50 Years – Improving with Age

This is an exciting time at Pima Community College. As the College celebrates 50 years, we also continue to evolve into a premier community college by putting in place mechanisms that aid student success, provide updated workforce curriculum that is responsive to the needs of employers, and that refine already excellent instruction in liberal arts and general education courses that transfer to four-year institutions.

This spring, we announced the successful sale of $65 million in revenue bonds that will fund the first phase of our Centers for Excellence. Revenue bonds are funded by investors and do not affect property or sales taxes; consequently, they do not require ballot approval.

The bond includes funds for the Applied Technology Center for Excellence, which will be located at the Downtown Campus. We hope to break ground on the new facility in late 2019 or early 2020. This new Center will include:

  • Transportation Technology – Automotive, Heavy Diesel, Autonomous Vehicle, and Aviation; Aviation Technology, however, will remain at our Aviation Technology Center on South Park Avenue.
  • Manufacturing/Advanced Manufacturing – Metalworking and Fabrication, Design and Prototyping, Robotics/Automation, Machine Technology, Automated Industrial Technology, and Optics/Photonics/Electronics.
  • Infrastructure – Building Construction Technology, Commercial and Residential HVAC, Utility Technology (Electrical, Natural Gas, Solar, etc.), and Mining Technology.

The Applied Technology Center for Excellence will offer certificates, degrees and employer-specific workforce training in each of the previously mentioned areas, as well as industry-recognized certifications, making Pima truly a leader in the state.

The revenue bonds also will fund an expanded Health Professions Center for Excellence. This will expand Pima’s enrollment capacity for health-related professions to meet high employer demand. In addition to the recently renovated and expanded Dental Studies Program, we plan to modernize more than 30 laboratory spaces, and put in place a teaching model that integrates classroom teaching with hands-on laboratory learning.

We are moving some programs from Community Campus to other district locations:

For example:

  • Adult Education Services (Intake, Registration, Orientation and Information) and the GED/High School Equivalency Testing Center are now at Pima’s Downtown Campus, 1255 N. Stone Ave.
  • Distance Learning (PimaOnline) has moved to the Northwest Campus, 7600 N. Shannon Road.

Throughout these exciting changes, you may notice that Pima is celebrating its 50th Anniversary by implementing a new brand “look,” advertising tagline, and brand promise statement. This work was developed after extensive research among faculty, staff, students, prospective students and community members. The brand promise reiterates what Pima pledges to deliver to our students and the community:

“Pima Community College welcomes all students striving to achieve a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities through the promise of education.”

We hope you’ll “keep striving” with us.

Lee D. Lambert, J.D.


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