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Chancellor’s Letter to the Community

PimaOnline’s promise: convenient, affordable education Pima Community College is entering a new era of opportunity to fulfill our mission in ways that will tangibly benefit our students and the people of Pima County. Many obstacles lie ahead.

Pima Community College Celebrates 50 years

By Paul Schwalbach

Chancellor’s Letter: PCC in An Era of Exciting Change

If you’re considering attending Pima Community College, you’ll find we’re making lots of exciting changes to help you be more successful as a student, and ultimately, as you prepare to enter the workforce. Guided Pathways – Pima

Chancellor’s Letter: Pima can give you the edge

Like many states, Arizona suffers from a shortage of middle-skill workers.  Key sectors — aviation, advanced manufacturing and others — can’t find work-ready employees, hampering their ability to grow. The National Skills Coalition reports that middle-skill jobs,

New Career in About a Year!

  By PCC Staff PCC Has Many Options to Get You in the Job Market Fast Pima Community College knows you don’t have time and money to burn. That’s why many of our programs are designed to

Chancellor’s Letter: Growth in the Hospitality Industry Means Opportunity

Pima offers multiple career-oriented hospitality programs We truly have become a mobile society. Whether we’re travelling to Bangkok, Thailand on business, to Phoenix for a baseball game, or to Bisbee for a Saturday ArtWalk, you and I

Train for an Exciting Career in the Growing Hospitality Industry

Preparing students for real careers — not just jobs — in the hospitality industry. Tourism growth equals opportunity Pima Community College pairs well with Arizona’s $20.9 billion tourism industry. Arizona attracts more than 40 million visitors a year. And as

Job Prospects Growing for Skilled Trades Workers

Construction, manufacturing industries in midst of steady recovery The manufacturing and construction industries took a heavy blow during the Great Recession. But with those industries now experiencing a strong, steady recovery, they face another challenge: Finding enough

Chancellor’s Letter to the Community: Days of Challenge and Opportunity

PCC is working hard to create a college that puts students first As Pima Community College works hard to make necessary changes, our employees and stakeholders also recognize this as a time of great opportunity. Earlier this

Bringing College to the Workplace

Pima partners with area companies for a better educated workforce To boost careers and build the economy, Pima Community College brings employee education and training to the workplace and offers custom programs on campus and online. PCC

Skills in Science and Math Highly Valued in the Workplace

Studying STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – is the start of a great career Want a career where innovative thinking and risk-taking are rewarded? Want to do work that’s both challenging and lucrative? A good