10 PCC Programs / Courses to Help You Turn Your Hobby into a Career

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Do something you love for a living

Have you ever wondered how to turn your hobby into a profitable business venture? While there are several major steps required to fulfill that dream, classes and programs at Pima Community College are a good starting place. Here are a few suggestions on the types of courses and programs that can help you turn your hobby into a career — or just get more enjoyment out of it.

10. Fashion Design and Clothing

Love fashion? FDC courses offer techniques for inexperienced sewers, including interfacing and preparation of garment pieces, as well as an understanding of the terminology and tools used. If you already have a solid foundation, increase your knowledge with an advanced course — learn to add piping to the waistband of a skirt or trim to the neckline of a jacket, among other skills.

9. Building and Construction Technologies

Are you always working with your hands or fixing things? If you said yes, the BCT courses offered by the College would be a great fit. You can pick from these focus areas: Building Management; Cabinetmaking; Carpentry; Construction Management; Electrical; Plumbing; and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

8. Welding

Are you the backyard welder in your neighborhood? The College offers a comprehensive approach to welding and fabrication, which includes the principles and procedures for interpreting structural blueprints and determining materials and labor costs. For more advanced welders, there are courses in Arc Welding, Pipe Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding, and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding to select from under the WLD prefix.

7. Automotive Technology

Whenever someone has car issues, do you come to the rescue?
If so, perhaps you want to take an Automotive Technology course, found under the AUT prefix. Courses in this field range from small engine troubleshooting to repairing brakes and rebuilding automatic transmissions and transaxles.

6. Language Courses / Interpreter Training

Do you have a passion for languages and communicating with diverse groups of people? The College offers courses in a variety of languages: French, German, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Tohono O’odham, American Sign Language and more.

5. Digital Arts / Graphic Design

Are you creative? Perhaps you want to pursue a career in design, illustration, multimedia, Web design or photography. Consider sampling a course in Digital Arts (DAR) where you can learn color rending, typography, software such as Adobe Photoshop and other software, and the fundamentals of digital design.

4. Fine Arts

Do you have an artistic personality and enjoy activities such as sculpture, 2D drawing, metalwork, ceramics, dance, music and theater? With many options to select from, you can explore and confirm your particular interest in fine arts at PCC West Campus.

3. Business / Accounting

Have you been called ambitious? Are you great at selling things or ideas? Develop those business skills by taking a course in Accounting (ACC), Marketing (MKT), Economics (ECN), Business (BUS), Management (MGT) or Finance (FIN).

2. Culinary Arts

Is the Cooking Channel your favorite channel? Want to turn your love of food and cooking into your livelihood? Head to PCC Desert Vista Campus. There you will be able to create delicious dishes in a commercial kitchen and take culinary arts (CUL) classes on sauces, cake decorating, baking, food service sanitation and more.

1. Landscape Technician

Do you have a knack for growing plants and keeping them healthy? You have a green thumb! Expand your knowledge base by taking a course on plants for landscape design or see other LTP courses offerings.


Ask Ryan

Everyone has a different story to explain how he or she arrived at where they are today. For more help on charting the steps to turning your hobby into a career, visit any of our campuses throughout Tucson for advising and counseling.
‣ Also, see pima.edu/counseling for more information.

Ryan Sermon is a PCC Admissions and Recruitment Program Coordinator

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